In the spirit of Insider Secrets, we check in on a few of our favorite retreats.

A true hideaway offers exactly what its name implies: the rare opportunity to secret oneself away from anything and—if desired—everything. At Nicaragua’s new Nekupe Sporting Resort and Retreat (, travelers need not make much of an effort to disappear. The resort, which opened in November on a lush, mountainous 1,800-acre private nature reserve, offers guests total seclusion, with just eight suites and villas sheltered by thickets of bromeliads, cacti, and fragrant sacuanjoche. Visitors can explore the grounds via ATV, zipping from the Nekupe Spa (opening in August) and swimming pool to the shooting range and stables—and rarely, if ever, encountering other guests. Or they can stay put, sipping macuás and dining on neo-Nicaraguan cuisine in the privacy of their spacious suite or villa.

As a means of escape, Nekupe is certainly not alone. Robb Report has visited dozens of discreet, low-key, and little-discovered hideaways over the years, from the Australian Outback to the Champs-Élysées. On the following pages, we share some of our secrets, highlighting 20 more of our favorite spots for a serene getaway.